Future of Mobile event in London November 17 & 18 – 2009

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I’m delighted to be involved with this year’s Future of Mobile conference to be held in London on November 17-18th 2009 at the Kensington Town Hall.

I’ll be in good company as I will be joined by fellow bloggers James Whatley, Vero Pepperell, Helen Keegan, Jemima Kiss and Ewan MacLeod.  Also on the platform are Rudy de Waele, Tomi Ahonen, Doug Richard from Trutap and Simon Rockman from Sony Ericsson.  The conference is being organsied by Carsonified who have also been responsible for the hugely successful Future of Web Apps, Future of Web Design and Fuel conferences.

Book your tickets now because there is a very attractive early bird offer of £100 discount on conference and conference/workshop tickets. And student tickets are just £45 for bona fide full-time students.

More information is available at the conference website http://future-of-mobile.com and I look forward to seeing you there.

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London-based Practical Futurist and former IBM Global Managing Partner, Andrew is a popular and sought-after presenter and commentator on issues around digital disruption and emerging technologies. He is a multiple TEDx & International Keynote Speaker. Watch his speaking showreel here, enquire about availability & fees here or listen to his latest Podcast - "The Practical Futurist Podcast" on your favourite app.

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  • Ciaran

    Two big things, one what is/how to find the best route to market for your mobile app? Has Apple got it right with the app store, or should we be looking to get “on-portal” or pre-installed, or is there another, better way. And two, is there or should there separation of the web and mobile web, should all sites just be device aware or should people have dedicated m. or .mobi versions and for that matter is .mobi better than m. and are they (.mobi) pushing their own agenda too much.

    My view of the “future of mobile”? To quote Irish Rail of all people “A lot done, a lot more to do.” What I mean is that we are really only the verge of what mobile will be. One of the greatest inventions 100 years ago was “the ability to send a short string characters wireless from anywhere to anywhere else” and it was widely used and very popular, it was called morse code. Today one the most used the most used mobile services is “the ability to send a short string characters wireless from anywhere to anywhere else” called SMS. So taking that into account we really haven’t progressed that much in 100 years and we have a long way to go before the mobile experience that normobs (normal mobile users) have catches up with that of the techies and early adopters.

  • Ciaran

    Some more thoughts, can/will/how do we get, normobs using their phones for more that SMS and calling or the is the world of mobile beyond that destined for only the geeks.

    oh yea and **chough** **chough**

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