Vodafone Receiver Magazine article on the future of location – published 2008

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I am honoured to have been asked to write an article for Vodafone Receiver Magazine about the future of location which is now live on the Vodafone Receiver website.  Vodafone Receiver is a fantastic initiative to bring a cross section of ideas about mobile to a wide audience.

Their current theme is “Space is the Place” and my article on location fits well into this theme.

Over the coming weeks, contributors to receiver’s “Space is the place” edition include: Sean Gorman, Jonathan Raper, Kazys Varnelis, Michael DiBernardo, Jonathan Follett, Anne Galloway, Arno Scharl, Martijn de Waal, and Dan Simmons. 

If you haven’t seen the Receiver Magazine yet, why not have a look?

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  • James Pearce

    I heard a nasty rumour that some network operators are considering obfuscating cell IDs to put the non-operator LBS genie back in the bottle.

    Any thoughts on that? I would have thought that this revolution benefits from having as many minds participating as possible.

  • andrew

    James, I keep hearing this rumour too, but the operators have such a hard time keeping the clean databases up to date, if they started encrypting them they would be the ones that would suffer most.

    Open is best – and I think the operators understand this. We just need to see them make operator LBS access equitable or the market will simply choose to bypass them IMHO.

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