And now an ad from Fanta – but not for grownups – published 2008

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Over at Giles Rhys Jones’ excellent interactive marketing trends blog he has blogged about a new Fanta mobile application developed by the team at Ogilvy Advertising that is quite unique.

The team has developed a mobile application for Fanta that is only audible to teenagers.

The application is based on the same technology used to deter teenagers from hanging around outside shops and bus shelters, the Mosquito Teen Repellent, developed by Howard Stapleton.

The Fanta Stealth Sound System, uses high-pitched frequencies, only audible to the under 20s. It includes wolf-whistles, warnings, pssts and sound tags for phrases like “cool”, “uncool”, and “let’s get out of here”.

Apparently they are going to release it to the wild virally, so I guess it will be available from all the places teenagers hang out.

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  • andymurd

    Wouldn’t this fall foul of New Labour’s ban on advertising junk food to children?

    It probably sidesteps the letter of the law by being a mobile app but if this kind of thing takes off, you can be that the law will be updated.

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