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I presented at a very lively Digital Lounge event held at the Adam Street private member’s club in London on Thursday on mobile advertising.  It was well attended and there were LOTS of thoughtful questions and opinions during and directly after my presentation as well as during drinks afterwards.

My 4 key points were

  1. Time for a rethink on advertising
  2. Relevance is the new reach
  3. A conversation needs to start with your name
  4. We must move away from the broadcast mindset

The presentation is embedded below and you can also download it directly.



A number of people asked how the message I delivered could be taken into leading agencies and brands.  The simple answer is to contact me and we can arrange to have this message delivered where it is needed.

Also, please feel free to follow me on twitter @andrewgrill or make a comment below.

Thanks to Jay and Kate Cooper for the opportunity to present – and make sure you sign up for the next Digital Lounge event.

Some of the other great thought leaders I referenced in the presentation were

Tomi Ahonen
Alan Moore
Jonathan MacDonald
Russell Buckley
Cartoon from Hugh MacLeod.


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