Telecom TV at Mobile World Congress on Mobile Advertising – published 2009

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On Monday 16th February at Mobile World Congress, Telecom TV held one of their Main Agenda sessions on Mobile Advertising – posing the question:

“What role can Mobile Advertising play as operators seek to finance consumer data applications? What makes us think that users want or will tolerate advertising as part of their already expensive mobile contracts?”. 

Martyn Warwick from Telecom TV moderated the debate between

Tanya Field, Head of Mobile Internet, Telefonica O2
Henry Stevens, Director of Media and Entertainment, GSMA
Andrew Grill, Head of Business Development, Gigafone

The video was also played on a loop on the huge (some 20 feet high) screens located outdoors on the main avenue at the congress.  It is quite surreal to see yourself up on a screen 20 feet high – and also have many people send you pictures of yourself – such as this one from Ilicco Elia.


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