Interview with Klaas Weima from at Mobile Monday Amsterdam – published 2009

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Andrew Grill presenting at Mobile Monday Amsterdam - pic from MobypictureAfter coming off stage from a really enjoyable presentation at Mobile Monday Amsterdam,  Klaas Weima from asked if I would be prepared to do podcast, and at the same time Matthijs Van Den Broek from Marketing Facts asked if he could do a Vodcast about my talk.


I was delighted to participate, and we did a simulcast (Video and Podcast at the same time).

Below is the video we shot straight after the talk, and you can also view the slides from the talk which was titled “This time…it’s personal.  How mobile challenges everything we thought we knew about advertising”.

There was a large amount of content generated as a result of all the excellent talks, as well as the event itself and the use of social media at conferences will be the subject of an upcoming post.  See for yourself all the great content from #momoams

The full talk I gave at Mobile Monday can be viewed below.

Interview with Klaas Weima from at Mobile Monday Amsterdam – published 2009

The topics covered (and relevant point discussed in the video) are presented below

What do you do?
How do traditional advertisement models translate to mobile?
What do advertisers want?
The mobile as a personal device
The evolution of mobile and where next (03: 43)
The iPhone as the catalyst for the use of apps and mobile browsing
Are mobile browsers the future, or do mobile apps have a future?
Define “Mobile Advertising” without using the word “advertising” or “mobile”? (06: 33)
Can others compete with Google in the mobile space? (08: 11)
How can we can persuade senior management that mobile advertising really works? (12: 31)
How do you see the mobile landscape in 2015? (13: 57)
What is your “killer advice” for Dutch marketers who want to go mobile? (15: 00)

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  • Sam


    Thank you for the wise and inspiring words. My question to you is coming from an MNO perspective; how do you expect the latter to capitalize on mobile advertising? which business model would you envision as the way forward?



  • Murray Hynd

    Just viewed your podcast re:Interview Andrew Grill by Klaas Weima …

    Ten years is a long time re: Apple/iPhone and now googles approach … doing what IMODE accomplished back then.

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