Top 5 Foursquare tips for business

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If you are looking for ways to increase footfall, drive customer loyalty and attract those hard to find early adopters into your store what can you do?

Top 5 Foursquare tips for Business

  1. Sign yourself up to foursquare at and start using the service to understand the dynamics and how other people use it.

  2. Claim your venue by ensuring first you are listed on the site, then start the validation with Foursquare via the site to ensure you have control of the listing and can utilise the powerful visitor analytics only available to store owners once verified. Note that Foursquare are limiting the type of venues at the moment to mainly retail/food outlets and not offices.

  3. Craft not only a Mayor special (which can be loaded into the Foursquare system and displayed automatically to those people nearby checking venues in the area via foursquare) but a Foursquare user special to drive footfall and repeat business.

  4. Put a sign on your front window encouraging Foursquare users to “check in here”. For those not using Foursquare it will drive buzz and discussion and show that your company totally understand these new social channels.

  5. Tell the world via your website, Twitter and Facebook pages that you are on Foursquare and have special offers available to those who check-in.

The last point may be worthy of some more traditional PR, as the Foursquare phenomenon is fairly new you may be able to claim the bragging rights of “the first store in the area on Foursquare.” The media love social networking stories, and the window sticker would make for a great shot for TV.

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    Your point about early adopters is very valid. There are some heavy users of foursquare already in Australia and NZ – both countries aren’t shy of mixing it up with new technology.

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