You take care in developing your offline brand so why not your online brand?

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I am still amazed that in 2012, companies that invest so much time and effort into their brand seem to neglect their online branding.

Have a look at the sign for an Architect’s company I spied this morning in London.

I can’t find a website anywhere for John Coyle Contracts, however this should not preclude him from securing his own brand online.

He has decided to use an email address

Two things here

  1. As he is using a shared email domain, he had to settle for “coylecontracts7” – not very personal

  2. As he is using AOL’s domain, he misses out on any company branding.

A snazzy domain name such as (which is available) would be a great start, instead of using AOL’s brand.

I am sure John Coyle has spent a lot of money on his brand and these signs. My free advice is that for just a little extra per year (we’re talking £20 max from a company such as he could also have a professional domain name that shows off HIS brand, not AOL’s, and could still divert emails to this address to his AIM or Gmail address.

In this digital age, I rank a company based on their online branding as well as their offline branding.

Those that don’t know how to leverage their own brand in 2012 I just don’t use.

Am I being too harsh?

If you “get” digital and social, then your brand should be visible online as well.

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