The business of Blogging – is it worth the effort?

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My friend Stephen Waddington has collected the thoughts of some well known bloggers such as Richard BaileyHeather BakerStuart BruceJudy GombitaNeville HobsonChris LakeRich LeighRachel MillerMat MorrisonLee OddenDan SleeHeather Yaxley, Philip Young, and myself.

He wanted to see if blogging was still alive and well. Initially he had planned to write a blog post with all the responses.

As Stephen explains at the start of his e-book… Blogging is 20 years old. It took off in the late-90s with the development of consumer broadband in Europe and the US. By now it was predicted to be a dominant form of media, and in Europe at least, it isn’t.

Why is that?

I sought out the opinion of respected bloggers in my network and asked them about the future of blogging. I also asked them to share the benefits they’d experienced from blogging.

The responses were varied. The business of blogging involves learning, professional and personal development, networking and profile.

It is evolving but for those individuals and organisations that are prepared to invest the effort it has a strong future.

Below is Stephen’s snippet of my contribution.

You can read Stephen’s e-book below, or download as a PDF.


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