How do you stay on top of the news?

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How do you stay on top of the news, as well as the latest thinking and developments in technology and your industry?

My work as a Practical Futurist means that not only do I need to stay up to date on new trends, I also need to be able to form an opinion for my clients on what this means to them in the near-term (hence my “Practical” hat rather than just being a long-term futurist).

I was asked recently what tips I had for a magazine publication, so I thought I would share my tips here. I subscribe to the FT, Economist, NY Times and WSJ and I also receive the UK and Australian mainstream publications via my Pressreader subscription.

All of these I consume on my iPad – daily. I also scan what is happening on Twitter and LinkedIn, and often this leads to other websites with interesting news and views.

Much of the news I scan quickly, and the one thing I use all the time is Pocket ( It is a “read-it-later” service that runs across all mobile and desktop platforms.

The paid version actually saves an “as published” version for offline reading. Of all the interesting news I scan, I save many articles to Pocket, tagged with a category for later analysis.

What tools/sites do you use to stay current in your job?

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