The property industry needs radical disruption – introducing Agent Not Needed

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If there is one industry ripe for disruption it is the property industry.

If you’ve ever bought or sold a properly, I am sure you have encountered the friction and inefficiencies in dealing with banks, lawyers and everyone in between.

This is about to change.

I am delighted to have been asked to be an advisor for a platform that will change the way you sell or rent without the need for an agent as the UK’s First Peer-To-Peer Property Portal.

Agent Not Needed in pre-launch and more details can be found in the link in the first comment below.

No Agent Needed is not just another property website – it will be a platform that utilises blockchain and smart contracts to completely streamline the buying and selling of property.

I started and launched Australia’s largest commercial property website in 2001 so I have first-hand knowledge of how the property market works, and also how it is fundamentally broken.

Regular readers of my feed will know I speak about disruption globally, and how markets must change, so it is fitting that now I’m involved in a disruptor.

Given we will be using blockchain technology to power the platform, it is fitting that we use an ICO to raise the funding.

Information on the token sale can be found here.

You can watch a short video below about why Agent Not Needed is going to shake up the property industry.

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