Don’t forget to sell shirts and shoes!

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“Don’t forget to sell shirts & shoes” is a sign that is on the whiteboard in the office of Under Armour’s former CEO Kevin Plank in permanent ink.

I was fortunate enough to see Kevin present in New York a couple of years ago and took a snap of the sign.

At the recent Digital Growth conference, in this 30-second clip, I explained why all companies need to think in this way.

Video ThumbnailKevin Plank, the CEO of Under Armour famously has a whiteboard in his office that reminds everyone to "sell more shirts and shoes". Andrew uses this story to remind marketers that no matter how many likes, or fans or followers they have - their objective should always be to sell more shirts and shoes - or whatever their product is. Filmed at King Power Stadium, Leicester 15 March 2018. Footage courtesy of Purpose Media

Don’t get caught up in vanity social metrics or campaigns and products that are a waste of time.

My message was clear – “If you can’t measure it and it does not impact the bottom line then don’t do it”.

Do you have a mentality to always “sell more shirts and shoes” or your equivalent?

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