Don’t let your firm fall for a Butlins-style data hack

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With the news that Holiday camp provider Butlins – famous for Red coats and the catchphrase “Hi-de-Hi” has been hacked and 34,000 guest records have been stolen is cause for alarm.

It seems that every week another company falls victim to a data breach of hack.

My view is that no company can protect against this threat while the humble employee is the last mile of defence against hacking.

From the reports about the Butlins hack, it seems that it may have been a phishing attack that allowed the breach to occur, this means that some form of social engineering was used to trick an employee into sharing credentials for Butlin’s IT systems with them.

Butlins says that the data which may have been accessed includes booking reference numbers, lead guest names, holiday arrival dates, postal and email addresses and telephone numbers.

You can no longer consider IF you will be hacked, you must prepare for a time when you will be hacked. Just as we have fire drills, and disaster recovery exercises, in this digital age we now must prepare for digital disasters, the likes of which have impacted Butlins.

One simple thing you can do is to deliver cyber security awareness training to staff. In the 2 minute video below I outline how 2-factor authentication (also called 2FA) is a simple yet effective way to keep your data safe. Employees need to be encouraged to turn on 2FA on all their personal accounts to help you protect your corporate accounts. Watch the video to understand why.

How are you preventing a Butlins-style hack to bring down your company?

Video ThumbnailThree words that could save your company. Two Factor Authentication (2FA). We all use 2FA most probably without realising it. If you use a "dongle" when you access your online banking and have to enter a one-time code when accessing your account then you're already using 2FA. If you apply this level of security to your bank account to protect your money, why not use the same level of security to protect your online assets. The "last mile" of security rests with employees and individuals. Hackers love gmail and hotmial accounts. Once they hack into these, if your employees have business sensitive informations such as passwords, contact details etc, they can hack into your corporate network no matter how strong your company defences. Andrew explained why every organisation should deploy 2FA and encourage all of their employees to activate it on all their social accounts. Additional footage kindly provided by Purpose Media

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