Are you a Prayer, Stayer or Player when it comes to talking about digital?

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Do you work with Prayers, Stayers or Players?

At the Technogym Digital Transformation Event last week held at the McLaren Group Technology Centre, I explained how these three groups exist in any organisation, group or audience.

Prayers are just praying that this new technology is going away, the Stayers know that disruption is happening but will stay the course and the players lean forward when digital is mentioned.

I normally mention these three personality types about half way through my keynotes. As you can see from the 50 second clip below, I always get a laugh when the audience sees who I have used as an example for “Stayers”.

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What do you do about the prayers and stayers in your team?

Watch the full Technogym presentation below.

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Thanks again Clayton Herbert and Craig Swyer from Technogym, McLaren and Speakers Corner.


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