Destination LoRaWAN @ Webinar
Jan 14 @ 15:00 – 16:00
Destination LoRaWAN @ Webinar
Destination LoRaWAN

The Internet of Things is not new but in 2021 it will take on a more important role as we look to navigate the turmoil from 2020. Andrew provided a keynote titled “Accelerating Digital Transformation and Business Growth while Creating a Sustainable Future”.

Andrew discussed the role IoT will have on driving business while recovering from the financial impact of Covid19 including:

• IoT with Business Intelligence and AI
• Why LoRaWAN is the right path for IoT
• How IoT can be used to drive business productivity
• Predictions for 2025

He also be provided a case study on how leading IoT company Microshare.io is deploying their Universal Contact Tracing solution to safely return workers to organisations providing essential services.

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Apperio Expo – ALX London 2021 – The Future of Work @ Landing Forty Two
Mar 18 @ 08:30 – 13:30

ALX London: A 2021 vision for tomorrow’s lawyer.

Andrew will be delivering the opening keynote on future trends in the workplace and how tech will disrupt the legal sector.

The in-house lawyer of the future is going to be so much more than a sharp legal mind. They will need to be commercially-focused strategic partners, tech-savvy innovators, and the fulcrum on which the business rests.

The legal tech revolution helps lawyers identify and exploit opportunities. ALX London will prepare them for changing perceptions of how in-house teams bring value to their business.

General Counsels will be the core component in managing business stakeholders, relationships, and external law firms, and will ensure their businesses run efficiently and continue to grow.

ALX London is about equipping the lawyer of tomorrow with the skills they need to adapt to the changing legal landscape.

The expo is designed for General Counsels, Heads of Legal, Legal Operations Managers and other senior decision-makers within in-house legal departments.