The Practical Futurist Podcast Episode 7

12/08/2019 all-day Europe/London Timezone

In Episode 7 we speak with Pitching expert Peter Hopwood and answer the question “What’s the Future of … Pitching for Success?”

Peter is a communications and presence coach, public speaking and pitch trainer and conference host.

We spoke with Peter from Croatia where he lives and works.

Episode 7: The Future of Pitching for Success with Peter Hopwood

We discussed a range of topics relevant to companies of any size including:

  • Getting people curious about our business
  • Simple tricks for networking events
  • How to stand out
  • Mistakes people make when pitching
  • Why the first 60 seconds is key
  • The worst pitch eve
  • Show you care what you’re talking about
  • Think about your style and tone
  • Getting your nerves under control
  • Your first and last 90 seconds
  • Owning the pause
  • How being different gets you noticed
  • Channeling Don Draper from Mad Men
  • The importance of rehearsals
  • Three things you can do next week
  • Why should people listen to you?
  • Think about your “sexy secret”
  • Find out more about Peter

More information and show notes can be found on the episode page.

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