Andrew Grill’s broad career spanning over 30 years in large corporates such as IBM and Telstra, as well as 12 years running technology startps means he is well qualified and experienced delivering keynote presentations on a wide range of topics.

His speaking portfolio includes keynotes on digital disruption, the workplace of the future, emerging technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, digital diversity, personal branding, and employee advocacy. He can also develop a bespoke presentation to perfectly delight any audience.

Presented below are short examples of Andrew’s point of view on the range of topics that he covers in keynotes, interviews and workshops around the world.

You can explore full-length replays of Andrew discussing these topics the video page, or read client testimonials from previous events.

What is digital disruption?

Learn about the 3 forces that drive disruption: high profits, new technologies and consumer demands and how when these forces combine digital disruption takes hold.

The new workplace

Understand how the nature of work is changing, not just where we work, but how the “gig economy” is impacting white-collar jobs, changing our definition of “work” forever.

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The Two Tribes

Learn about the two different tribes in every company – those going digital and those born digital. Understand why these “two tribes” need to work together.

To get digital you need to be digital

Understand why you need to be actively using digital products and platforms in order to accurately understand how they can disrupt your business.

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Standing out in a digital world

It’s becoming harder to rise above the digital noise and have your company message get noticed. Understand a range of techniques that you and your company can use to rise above the noise and stand out.

The promise of artificial intelligence

We keep being told that AI is the next frontier, but what should we believe? Learn how to filter out the noise and understand what questions you need to ask about AI for your business.

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Prayers, stayers and players

Understand why there are three types of people in every company, and how you can move people from being “prayers” hoping disruption would just go away, into players who fully embrace digital disruption.

Collaboration tools

Understand how modern collaboration tools such as Slack, Yammer and Workplace by Facebook can be used to connect organisations at every level and drive productivity and foster innovation.

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Employee Advocacy

Learn how you can enlist your own employees to become your most powerful advocates. Employee advocate programs are on the rise but they must be developed and deployed in an authentic way.

Social Selling

Social selling is so much more than buying your salespeople a LinkedIn premium account. Learn about the new way of selling, using social media for greater impact and how to “influence the influencers”.

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Digital Non-Executive Directors

Today’s Non Execs need to be digitally literate to help guide organisations through digital disruption. Learn how you can supercharge your board or advisory group and help them see things through a digital lens. 


Bitcoin, Blockchain, ICO? Learn all about what these terms mean and also how new technologies such as blockchain will revolutionise whole industries, and also how to steer clear of the hype around cryptocurrencies. 

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Andrew also has a point of view and presents on the following topics:

  • The Digital Telco – how service providers must respond to the challenges faced due to an ever increasingly digital consumer
  • Big Data in the age of Cognitive – how big data + cognitive + IoT is the future
  • Millennials – finding, managing and motivating them in large and small companies
  • Think and act like a startup – Andrew’s experience running 6 startups over 12 years will help you think and act in an agile way
  • New technology trends – Blockchain, Ethereum, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive computing – what’s next?

Andrew is also an accomplished TEDx presenter. You can review his past talks on the TEDx page.

To enquire about fees and availability, please get in touch via the contact page and select “Speaking Enquiry” from the enquiry type drop-down for a rapid response from the team.