Are our phones listening to us?

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Time for another #AskThePracticalFuturist question – this time about data privacy.

The question from audience member Colleen Schooling at the CPA Australia CPA Congress was “I think my phone is listening to me … will we ever be able to go off the grid?”

This is a great question, and one I get asked a lot at conferences. In my 3 minute answer below, I touch on the need for consumers to become more empowered and understand that our personal data has real value, and treat it as such.

As marketers and business people, we need to treat consumer data with the same respect that we treat our own personal data. With weekly data breaches and Facebook constantly in the news, consumer trust is being rapidly eroded.

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Video ThumbnailPractical Futurist Andrew Grill looks at the issues of data privacy raised by a member of the audience after his CPA Australia CPA Congress keynote. The audience member asked if our phones were listening in on our conversations.

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